About Stephanie

Stephanie Kinney, 500 RYT st. louisStephanie is a 500 E-RYT Instructor who began her yoga practice 20 years ago after suffering a fractured foot during a marathon. Using yoga to fill the running void, she quickly became hooked on her yoga practice. Noticing subtle changes in her body and mind spurred a deeper exploration of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Bikram yoga.  It was the total experience of her yoga practice that inspired her to earn her 200 RYT certification.

Next she completed a 300 hour certification in Maui in 2016. Through this program Stephanie was able to deepen her understanding of body mechanics and systems, how they affect a practitioners body, mind, and energy.  She developed an greater understanding of the sutras and embraced these philosophies through integration into her life on and off the mat.  This program was a life changing experience for Stephanie.  It is through the implementation of these learnings that she became a more well-rounded and knowledgeable yoga instructor.  Stephanie recognizes that she does not have all the answers, but is willing to research, investigate, and try to find them with an open heart and mind.

Stephanie is an active mother, athlete, and artist who considers herself a perpetual student. Being a mother of an active family of four, she understands the challenges busy people face.  Stephanie advocates students to practice self care and to build time within life to energize, recuperate, strengthen, and explore personal limits.  She is a powerful teacher who couples her strengths in anatomy and alignment skills with a working knowledge of body movements into her instruction, whether in private yoga sessions or small group classes in her home studio or your location, or at retreats and businesses.


Student Testimonial

“When I first learned that one of the definitions of the word Yoga is “to achieve with the self and with the Divine”, I was intrigued. Seemed to fit seamlessly with my own faith tradition and personal aspirations. How fortunate was I to be referred to a gentle, caring and sensitive teacher who continually sees herself in the process of becoming; always a humble student in search of deeper meaning and insight. Those who yearn for a powerful synthesis of body, mind and spirit, would be well served to carve out time with Stephanie. She has been nothing short of a blessing in my life!”
Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose, Senior Rabbi
Congregation B’nai Amoona, Creve Coeur, MO