Studio Classes

Stephanie’s classes at Shanti are offered in studio with very limited capacity and online through zoom.  She also guides private yoga, small group classes and workshops. To find your vinyasa at a local studio, visit one of her yoga classes below.


  • 12:00n Active Stretch (45 minutes) – Shanti Yoga (Maplewood)
    A 45-minute active stretch warming the big muscle groups to encourage lengthening.  Engagement of key muscles to build strength around joints and ligaments.  Class includes some pulsing and holds.  Focus is getting to the stretch for maximum benefit.  Props: blocks, strap, and blanket. 


  • 10:45a Power Vinyasa (60 minutes) – Shanti Yoga (Maplewood)
    60 minutes of strength building, full-body blast that will challenge your body and mind. Class includes breath to movement and posture holds stretching to your edge.  Building postures from the ground up exploring modifications and evolutions of postures.  Sprinkling in opportunities for arm balances and inversions.